Zyra Selina Mohammed

Director / Shareholder

Director / ShareholderZyra Selina Mohammed was born in the southern city of San Fernando. Two years later her family moved to the northern region of the island, Trinidad, where, to this day, she still resides and work in the historic, first capital, ST. Joseph.

Zyra attended various schools throughout her informative years which consisted of:

  • ST. Joseph Kindergarten School.
  • ST. Joseph TML Muslim League Primary School.
  • ST. Joseph College.

She furthered her studies in Canada at Alma College and then across to England where she attended Irwin Academy. Overall, Zyra successfully aquired certificates in Accounts, Economics, Mathematics, English, Advanced English, Literature, West Indian and Caribbean History, West Indian and Caribbean Geography, Pure Biology, Human and Social Biology, Chemistry, Canadian Studies, Family Studies, Guidance, Physical Education and Vocal Music. Zyra later successfully completed Diploma Courses in Language Skills and Communications through an Extra Mural Program at the University of the West Indies (U.W.I.) then continued with a Vocational
Course in: Developing Supervisory Skills in Small Business.

Zyra worked as an Assistant Supervisor at Cosmic Book Services. She also managed Aleem's Variety Store, both situated at Westmall, Westmoorings. In 1992 her father, Basha Ghany Mohammed, opened a Land Development Company, B.S.M. Family Company Limited, where, to this day, she holds multiple positions of Director, Marketing Manager and
Company Secretary.

Zyra's cousin, Suzan Gail Mohammed, the Managing Director of Gail's Exclusive Tour Services Limited, invited her to join the company, so in 2005 Zyra officially became a Director and Shareholder bringing to the company nine years of intense global travel experiences which catered to tours by car, streetcar, bus, amphibious bus, train, airplane, cruise ship, river boat, canoe, horse drawn trolley, horse back, elephant and camel.

Her travels took her to North America where she visited several areas in Florida and other states such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Fort Myers, Sarasota, ST. Petersburg, Crystal River, Clear Creek, Tallahassee onto Biloxi in Mississippi, New Orleans, Knoxville in Tennessee, the Smokey Mountains, Kentucky, Georgia and South Carolina. She then traveled north to New York, North Carolina, Washington D.C., flying west to California, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, visited the Grand
Canyon, Hoover Dam and Seattle.

Her adventures continued in Canada with stops in Toronto (Niagara Falls), Guelph, ST. Thomas, Vancouva, Banff (walked on glacier), continued further north to Prince Rupert, Ketchekan (The Great Lumberjack Show, Outdoor Salmon Bake), Juneau and Skagway.

Zyra's travels closer to home in the West Indies included ST. Vincent, Union Island, Palm Island, Young Island, Bequia, Barbados, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios in Jamaica.
She continued to Mexico where she visited Mexico City, Acapulco, the pyramids at Teotihuacan and Taxco (City of Silver) where she toured a silver mine. South America was next with visits to Caracas, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. During her visits she travelled fifty miles down river by boat to Explorama Lodge in Yanamono on the banks of the Amazon River where she was rescued from a sinking raft and survived a crocodile night hunt in the Pirahna infested waters. She also visited small, very primitive indian villages in the jungle, Machu Picchu and Iguassu Falls.

Zyra's travel adventures continued with two cruises, a Mediterranean and a Caribbean cruise. The Mediterranean cruise sailed to Italy, Spain, France, Cairo in Egypt, Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in Israel, Kusadasi and Istanbul in Turkey, Piraeus, Athens and Acropolis in Greece. On these trips she visited the Ifil Tower, Pyramids, Sphinxs, experienced a wine festival and got lost in Italy. The Caribbean cruise sailed to ST. Thomas and the Bahamas. England was next with visits to London, Cambridge, Leicester, Wales and Penketh. Drove into Scotland to places such as Edinburgh, Dalkeith, Lochry, Inverness, Altbea, Sarron, Glen Albyn, Glasgow, East Kilbridge, Carshaire and Carlite. On these travels she visited numerous castles and churches, saw Bag Pipers but, unfortunately, no Leprechauns or Nessy, the Lochness Monster.

Zyra's first hand travel adventures, business experiences and all around support has helped Gail's Exclusive Tour Services Limited to the next level of even greater EXCLUSIVE QUALITY SERVICE.