Trinidad tour helps arouse the senses.

Canadian Travel Press

Coffee (beans seen above) is believed to be an aphrodisiacWill Suzan Gail’s new tour lead to increased parenthood among those who vacationed in Trinidad? Just possibly so, with the owner of Port of Spain-based Gail’s Exclusive Tour Services Ltd. creating the six-night Tropical Sensations & Temptations tour, which revolves around local products long reputed by locals to be aphrodisiacs, beliefs Gail puts stock in.

Those vacationing in the Caribbean frequently sign up for tours focusing on history and culture, with Gail suggesting such traditional tour sites are oft en “saturated” with visitors and so she’s created what she says is the first in the Caribbean devoted to local products that, among other things, can boost sexual prowess.

“I had to make a difference in my industry here in Trinidad and Tobago, and be innovative by creating a new product offering,” the veteran guide says of Tropical Sensations & Temptations. “I believe this tour can rekindle romances, boost honeymooners’ experiences, give spark and spunk to the over 50 travellers, and excite the curious vacationers who like to explore new territories.” Gail says the tour falls under health and wellness tourism as “the overall package does have therapeutic massages, some yoga and organic meals in between the mix of things. The perspective is not only about sexual desires.”

The itinerary includes a visit to Blanchisseuse Village, where a resident will help the visitors make a drink with sea moss, believed by locals to help men and women increase their libido. (Added Carnation milk and island spices “add zest to the final concoction,” Gail advises.) Another feature is a visit to the Avocat Waterfall, where a relaxing swim provides what’s billed as a “sensational massage. It’s very rejuvenating.” And then there’s the late afternoon hot cocoa tea made with area cocoa and a “shot of bois bande tree bark” that is said to enhance male stamina. (“It must be taken with caution,” Gail cryptically advises.)

Gail – who says that the tour is being done in an environmentally sensitive manner is convinced there’s no question that showcased aphrodisiacs are effective, with locals having used them for centuries and having created a “series of unique and natural products. Travellers are fed up with the standardized, cheap holiday packages, which most feel are boring, filled with the same old, same old.”

She says those with a “one-track mind might be a little skeptical” about the tour. Her response, “Remember that the true definition of aphrodisiac is the arousing of all the human senses taste, touch, feel, sight, and sound.

The package has all these elements in it. The arousal part depends on the individuals and their interpretation when they experience the contents.” The tour launched in late January.