A day at Nariva Swamp Tour

On your way to the east coast see the mouth of the Ottoire River and the wondrous beauty of the Coconut Palm Trees that puts the road into perspective for miles ahead to the Nariva Swamp. With 11,343 hectares of land in size: the Nariva Swamp is the largest and most ecologically diverse wetland in Trinidad and Tobago. It is the home of 600 animal species and 319 plants. You can see the West Indian Manatee, Red Howler Monkeys, Silky Anteater, extinct Blue and Gold Macaw and the Giant Anaconda just to name a few. Take a hiking Tour into the swamp and visit the Bush- Bush Sanctuary by boat, and then visit the local community of Kernahan / Cascadoux. Have a typical village lunch and mingle with the locals at the Rum shop.

Your tour continues to the Mayaro Beach for a pleasurable experience at the Atlantic coast, collect memoirs of driftwoods and seashells that are shaped in unique patterns. With souvenirs for life you will always remember the salty fresh air and smells of the swamp in your hearts.