Down the Islands Tour

Gasparee caves, Biscayenne Bay and Chacachacare Island.

On arrival at the Crew’s Inn Pier and berthing area, you board the vessel and journey on the waters of the Caribbean Sea to the islands off the North West Coast of Trinidad. First stop is the Gasparee Island, a historic site at Point Baleine, which was a former whaling station. Your journey to the Gasparee Caves is a ten minutes walk up a 30 degrees incline on the northern side of the island. You then continue a 30-meter walk deep underground into the caves, then before your eyes is the Blue Grotto with rays of sunshine gaping through a fracture at the top of the cave.


You are then whisked off on the boat to Biscayenne Bay with aquamarine waters that cools and sizzles your body while swimming. Your journey continues with a mix of activities on Chacachacare Island. Tours to the saltwater ponds, Lazaretto ruins, Chacachacare Lighthouse Trail is all inviting. Flora and fauna reflected in a desert like environment with birds and xeropytic plants while you enjoy picnicking and snorkeling as the sun sets in the west.