La Vega and the Central Cultures Tour

Deep into the center of the island go back to the year 1845 when the first Indentured Indian Labourers came from India to work on the sugar-cane plantations. See the ancient art of Pottery making back then still existing with its secret methods passed onto a fifth genera ration family.

Then taste the traditional “doubles” eaten for decades by the Indians both here and in India. A delicious dough based crust filled with curried chickpeas and laced with hot and other savory sauces made from vegetables and the mango fruit.

Continue to Waterloo where the ex-immigrant labourer, Shiv Siewdass Sadhu-Temple in the sea is located, this site was chosen by him as it reminded him of the enchanting waters of the Ganges. It took him seventeen years to erect this magnificent structure using two buckets daily; he toiled and created a three hundred feet walkway to the steps of the temple

Visit the Caribbean Indo Museum the only kind in the world, this museum is dedicated to the preservation of the material history of over one million descendants of East Indian/South Asians in the Caribbean.

Further up the Orange Field Road is one of the most decorated Mandir called the Dattatreya Yoga Center where the Hanuman Murti Statue can be seen. Standing eighty- five feet tall it is the highest deity outside of India.

Visit the La Vega Estate in Gran Couva where you can observe the germination of many exotic local ornamental plants. Take a soft hike through the estate and meditate at the thatched sheds placed around the natural pond. Watch the various species of birds as they flutter and feed on seeds and ripened fruits.