The River Lime Tour

In the Northern Range of the island there are numerous small streams, rivers and tributaries that are nestled secretly among the verdant tropical rain forest. The river banks are lush and green and the overhead canopy shades you dreamily on your picnic blankets.

A wonderful outdoor experience quite rustic, you are served a local dish cooked on three stones at the river. Usually curried chicken, beef duck or goat and this is served up with steamed rice or roti and other dishes made of local vegetables with sauces and a fresh tossed salad. A Rum Punch or our famous Carib Beer accompanies this.

Another dish is Fresh Fish Broth. This is mouth watering and extremely good for the body as the old traditional saying goes here in Trinidad, it is a natural aphrodisiac. This meal consists of fresh fish caught in the waters around the island, ground provisions and vegetables grown here with local herbs and seasonings and you have a delicious broth.

The excitement is captured by the travelers as they learn how to prepare and cook this meal themselves while at the river so when they are back home they can try it themselves. After your meal you can take a nap or swim in the crystal clear water flowing in the river and bask in the cool streaks of sunshine peeping from the trees above.