The Southern Jewels Tour

Devil’s Woodyard mud volcanoes, Anaparima hill and Wild Fowl Trust.

In the South Central rural town of Indian Walk, the Devil’s Woodyard mud volcanoes are among old teak woodlands. Bubbling and hot steaming mud flows actively from the crater of the volcanoes. It is said that women favour this spot because of the mineral properties of the hot mud used for body and facial cleansers.

We then journey to Anaparima Hill, above sea level, a picturesque view of the Gulf of Paria with the Industrial Western coastline in the horizon to the North, and Venezuela seven miles to the West.

The Wild Fowl Trust is a special experience with a guided tour through the beautiful grounds of the Trust. Peacocks, ducks, snakes, caimans, and scarlet ibis along with numerous fruit trees can be seen, not forgetting plants and trees of medicinal values.